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What is Tastemakers?


Do you have an exciting idea for the insurance industry? Then why not make it into a Tastemakers project? Join the community to help make your ideas a reality.


Become a member of the crowd! By supporting other crowd members, asking questions and being an active user, you support the idea of open collaboration and your skills will grow.


Anyone can join our Tastemaker network of diverse and innovative minds. We provide a steady supply of Challenges from a wide variety of categories for you to tackle. Get in touch with new people from the crowd through open innovation.


Help the insurance industry to adjust in the right way to the current time. Influence companies to think and work different by participating in challenges.


Your Benefits

Your own workflow

You have the choice to decide whether to participate on individual challenges by contributing ideas where and when you want to. Tastemakers is the Gig Economy for insurance - and great news: You can be part of it right now!


You can share your concept on the platform and see what other people think about it. By supporting your favorite ideas, asking questions, and submitting your own projects, you can use your skills and experience to solve challenges and be positioned as a thought leader in the insurance world.


Participate in challenges and experience up close how ideas become reality. Help the insurance industry to take the next step in the right direction towards innovation.


Get in touch with new people, look over the edge of the plate by gaining feedback and connect with them on the crowd.


A Challenge is a worldwide brainstorm to produce the next big idea. Learn a new skill or gain new knowledge. Innovate faster and better to help solve the toughest problems. Help shape the future of the insurance industry.


Take your skill set to the next level, join the community and make yourself a name in the first crowdsourcing platform in the insurance world.


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Cookhouse Labs

Inspired by a Test Kitchen

Cookhouse Labs is a collaborative space for innovative thinkers located in Toronto. We welcome insurance and reinsurance experts, financial services professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from around the globe to join in on developing solutions for the current and future trends of InsurTech. Cookhouse Labs has also launched this platform for the insurance industry. A destination where insurance experts can contribute ideas to challenges. The challenges and problem statements that get worked on in Cookhouse Labs as well as other industry concerns will be addressed by individuals and organizations globally. Individual challenges will be created under a variety of categories, to draw upon the vast knowledge and experience that individuals have.

Design Thinking at Cookhouse Labs

Using Design Thinking at Cookhouse Labs has not only led to tremendous ideas and MVPs but also the chance to contribute towards changing perceptions in insurance. The innovative ideas that come from Design Thinking in Cookhouse Labs help us and the InsurTech community, contribute to making insurance better.

Why Crowdsourcing?

A crowd platform for the Insurance industry? Crowd platforms exists for many sectors and industries, not one for Insurance. is another industry first and further shows how we’re making insurance better. This platform will not only help identify good ideas but will also allow Cookhouse Labs to build a community of experts that can ideate and solve a vast array of industry challenges.

Want to join us?

Cookhouse Labs invites you to feed your curiosity by designing, prototyping, and co-creating new and meaningful insurance innovations through an open collaborative model with peers, partners, and start-ups in the insurance industry. Want to experience the Design Thinking process firsthand? We've got a full schedule of projects that are waiting for your input! Check them out here!

cookhouse labs


What is Tastemakers?

Tastemakers is a crowdsourcing platform (currently beta version) that is provided by Cookhouse Labs, which is owned by msg global.

What is the vision and mission behind Tastemakers?

The aim of Tastemakers is to bring together industry experts from all over the world into one centralized platform where they are able to openly express their ideas, visions and goals for challenges that are aimed to make the insurance industry better.

What is the Cookhouse Labs?

Inspired by a test kitchen, Cookhouse Labs is a collaborative space for innovative thinkers. We welcome insurance and reinsurance experts, financial services, professionals, entrepreneurs and academics from around the globe to join on developing solutions for the current and future trends of insurance and InsurTech.

Who is the leadership behind Tastemakers?

The leadership behind Tastemakers is the same leadership as behind Cookhouse Labs. For further inquiries, please contact or Sven Roehl at

How do I sign up for Tastemakers?

You can sign up by clicking on the sign-up button. You will then be asked to complete your profile, this includes your names, industry, field of work, etc...

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